Questions that are already answered here will be answered as “check my f.a.q”

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What is your name?

Kitkat. yes, the chocolate

Where do you live/what is your nationality?

Philippines. I’m a Filipino. :D

How old are you?

11 years old young. :)

What is your address/phone num. etc.?

I will not answer these kinds of questions.

Do you have facebook/twitter/formspring etc.?

I do have all 3. But all of them are kept private.

How many followers do you have?

I’m not tumblr famous, but they are enough to make me smile :)

Do you follow back?

No, I don’t, but, you can ask me to check out your blog, and I just might follow back. :)

Do you do promo games?

Yes I do, but not daily.

Do you promote?

No. I don’t, sorry. But, I do promo for promo.

Do you do promo for promo?

Yup. Just message me the link of the post when you are done promoting me :)

Your previous urls?

every-little-piece-love, xoxo-forevermore

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What is your theme?

It is a theme by morgannex edited by me.

Where did you get your music player?

You can get music players from flash mp3 player or hypster.

Where did you get your cursor?

You can get it here.

Where did you get your reblog button?

Get the codes here.

How did you add the sparkle effect to your cursor?

Get the codes here.

How to disable right click?

Get the codes here.

How to disable highlighting text?

I will put this up soon.

How to add ” __ visitor(s) here” ?

You can get it here.

How to add ” __ views” ?

You can get it here.

For more html help:




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If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to message me! :)